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Wondering where to buy a treadmill in Singapore? Well, here are some of the clues for you. We have found the 5 best treadmills that are suitable for home gym. You may put them into consideration.


If you are on the hunt for a new treadmill, then you should not missed this article. Not only we list down the best treadmills available in Singapore, but showing you the type of treadmill that suits you, helping you to save the time and money along the way.


Getting a right treadmill in Singapore for home use is significant. It allows you to enjoy the comfort of running at home in regardless of the weather. Also, incorporate fitness into your daily life and helping you to lose weight sensibly.

So let’s wait no further, here are the best treadmills in Singapore.

foldable treadmill singapore
Price: $829
  • Foldable & space saving design for effortless storage
  • Magnetic levitation shock absorber
  • Maximum speed up to 12km/h
  • Maximum load of 100kg
  • Continuous Horse Power of 2.5
  • Peak Horse Power at 3
  • Running Surface: 120 x 42cm
  • Free 1 Year Local Warranty For Motor

C2 foldable treadmill is built with the latest magnetic levitation technology.  The technology works by putting 16 pieces of custom-made magnets underneath the treadmill thread. The new cushioning system will repel and reduce the impact on the joint when the runner is running. The machine is also designed to reduce the movement of the treadmill by separating the centre console and the column from the treadmill base. This ensures that the screen no longer shakes with the pace. Hence, the machine will be more sturdy as compared to the other treadmills of similar range.

This treadmill is more suitable for walking and jogging as it has a continuous horse power of 2.5. For people who run below the speed of 10km/h may put this model into consideration. If you are looking for a space saving treadmill with a good suspension, this is the one. It has a LCD display panel with sensitive touch-control. There’s a button in the centre, easier for runner to adjust the speed when running on the machine. 

Customer Review

The foldable design of the treadmill C2 is ideal for people with limited home space.  Usually we will just leave the treadmill as it is after use. However when we need more room space, we will fold it up and keep it in the storage room. The suspension of the treadmill is good. We usually run at the speed of 8km. The machine is considerably sturdy for a foldable treadmill. So far so good. Didn’t receive any complains from the neighbours.  – via Lazada

aibi t-2020

Price: $1488

  • A flat-folding design
  • Anti-rebound shock absorption
  • Maximum speed up to 14km/h
  • Widened Anti-Slip Area
  • Ultra-Low Running Deck
  • Running Surface: 125 x 43cm
  • 1 Year Warranty

The AIBI GYM Motorised Treadmill AB-T2020 is an ideal treadmill for home use. It has a sleek, compact and flat-folding design that helps to save space in your house. The treadmill is designed to be easily movable with the roller wheel at the front of the treadmill. The ultra-low running deck simulate the feeling of running on the ground. The easy to read and operate LED display console showing the Time, Distance, Speed, Pulse and Calories Burn. With the maximum load of 100kg, this treadmill is suitable for most of the runners for light running.

The highlight of the treadmill is its anti-rebound shock absorber. The suspension is designed by minimising the rebound impact between the running deck and the floor. Hence, it provides a more stable running experience when the speed goes more than 9km/h. The suspension of the AB-T2020 is probably one of the best among all of the foldable treadmill in Singapore.

Aibi AB-T401

Price: $1688

  • Automated incline up to 12%
  •  DC Motor: 1.25 Continuous HP
  • Maximum speed up to 12km/h
  • Display: 5″ LCD blue backlight
  • Music Port: MP3 (Optional SD card, USB)
  • Running Surface: 120 x 40cm
  • 1 Year Warranty

The AIBI Motorised Treadmill AB-T401 has the maximum speed up to 12km/h, with automated incline up to 12%. If you are looking for a foldable treadmill with automated incline, this would be one of the perfect choices.


With the 12 pre-set workout programs, running at home would never be boring. The programs are set with different intensity ranging from low to high, catering to runners with different needs. Same as the other treadmills, AB-T401 is equipped with sensors to monitor heart rate during workout.


If you are a slow jogger or prefer walking than running, you may consider AIBI AB-T401. The horse power of the machine is not strong enough to support intense running.  However, if you wish to burn fats more effectively through walking or jogging, you can do so by increasing the inclination of the treadmill.


This is probably one of the best treadmill in Singapore for small household with limited space. Not only because it’s being recommended by many bloggers but of its foldable design for effortless storage.

Customer Review

Good product, item come with installation ready to use. – via Shopee
gintell xiao qiao treadmill

Price: $1199

  • Excellent Sound Insulation
  • Continuous Horse Power of 1.5
  • Maximum speed up to 14km/h
  • Display: 5″ LCD blue backlight
  • Maximum Load: 100KG
  • Running Surface: 110 x 43cm
  • 1 Year Warranty

The XIAO QIAO treadmills are well known for their modernize and easy folding design. Apart from these basic features, GINTELL XIAO QIAO Q2 Treadmill is equipped with excellent sound insulation system. It works by adding a cushioning system to the base of the running thread. When the runner is running on the machine, the cushion act as a protection layer by reducing the impact of the deck hitting onto the ground. As a result, minimising the noise of the treadmill as well as providing an extra suspension to the machine. With the 38mm supper thin running belt, treadmill is professionally designed and impact absorbent allowing user to have the best running experience.


This treadmill is suitable for runners with the running speed of 8km/h and below to ensure the best running experience. Especially for those who seek for stability, GINTELL  XIAO QIAO Q2 Treadmill will not disappoint you if you simply use it for walking or slow jogging. The treadmill is popular for its lightweight and modernize concept without compromising its durability. You can run freely at any desire place any time.

Customer Review

Very good service and fast delivery and keeping me updated ,the treadmill is sleek and quite good with very Good with very little noise and my Gavin was very helpful right from the day I ordered.  – via Lazada
xiaomi treadmill r1 singapore

Price: $749

  • Brushless Motor: 1.25 H.P
  • Width Of Running Surface: 440mm
  • Height Of Running Deck: 77mm
  • Speed Range: 0.5 – 10km/h
  • Maximum Load: 110KG
  • 1 Year Warranty

XIAOMI KINGSMITH WALKINGPAD R1 saves 80% more space than most of the conventional treadmills with its fold-over design. The easy folding feature and the smooth rolling wheels make it easily movable for effortless storage. It comes with 2 modes of control. One is the “Walking Mode”, where the speed of the treadmill is adjusted by means of the remote control. While the other one is the “A” mode, where speed of the treadmill can be control through the integrated motion sensor.


Incorporated with an unique dual folding feature, XIAOMI Walking Pad R1 can flexibly be folded up for simple storage. It is built with aluminum alloy that significantly enhanced the durability and stability of the running machine. The EVA cushioning system lightened the impact on your knees while the anti-slip running belt provide a better grip on the running shoes.


This treadmill is more suitable for walking and slow jogging. The design of XIAOMI R1’s handlebar is only suitable for holding and it can’t withstand the full weight of the runner. Hence it’s safer to walk, brisk walk or jog on the treadmill than running. Are you looking for a treadmill that can store underneath your bed or in your storage room? This is probably one of the best treadmill in Singapore for effortless storage. With its stylish design and easy to use features, you will definitely start to love exercising at home.

Customer Review

My apartment is small. I am so glad to have this foldable walking pad and now I can do exercise in my small apartment and get the benefits of casual walking to light jogging. – via GearBest